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CityLit E.D. Describes Baltimore's Lit Scene to The Loft's E.D.


Gregg Wilhelm talked briefly with Jocelyn Hale, executive director of Minneapolis-based The Loft Literary Center, a major inspiration behind Gregg launching CityLit in Baltimore in 2004.  The Loft just celebrated its 35th anniversary...congratulations!  Under the direction of Jocey and her tremendous staff, The Loft's future looks brighter than ever.  It continues to be the example par excellence for literary centers like CityLit across the country.

Check out the video here, or better yet surf over to the Loft's "Writer's Block" blog and check it out (scroll down to July 7 entry).  Then browse around this engaging resource for writers.

Here's the text that accompanied Jocey's video:

Literary centers are hot on the East Coast.

Just look at Baltimore, home to CityLit Project where the literary action is always cooking and the actual temperature on the street today is 103 degrees. Over the years, I’ve come to have immense respect for CityLit’s founder and executive director, Gregg Wilhelm. Two or three times now, an author will win a major award and I’ll notice that Gregg has already booked him/her for CityLit’s stage at the Baltimore Book Festival. When I asked Gregg for his secret, he smiled and said, “I have great readers.”

Check out my short interview with Gregg Wilhelm taken at the recent AWP Conference in Denver.

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