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CityLit Project In Residence at the University of Baltimore


CityLit Project and the University of Baltimore announce a strategic alignment whereby the six-year-old literary arts organization will be in residence at UB’s School of Communications Design.  CityLit retains its independence as a nonprofit while further raising awareness of the School of Communications Design throughout the general community.

“We have been exploring ways to facilitate the organization’s rapid expansion and pave the way for future growth,” said Gregg Wilhelm, CityLit Project’s executive director. “Several of our programs already involved literary artists on UB’s faculty.  The quality of students and technology resources at UB are excellent.  So it made sense to explore the advantages of an alliance between us.”

Read the entire press release by clicking on the PDF link below.

At right, representatives of CityLit and UB's School of Communications Design stand in the lobby of UB's Liberal Arts and Policy building.  The building at the intersection of Charles and Preston streets was formerly the headquarters for Loyola Federal Savings and Loan. Originally built in the early 1920s, the building housed the Order of Knights of Pythias, an international, non-sectarian fraternal order established in 1864 (the first fraternal order to be chartered by an Act of Congress).  The order, which bases its mission on the noble friendship between Damon and Pythias of Greek lore, promotes friendship and benevolence as it strove to mend wounds left by the Civil War.  Architects Cho Benn Holback restored or preserved many of the original features of the building, including the limestone facades, grand stair, terracotta tile floor featuring symbols of the zodiac, and stained glass windows.

The School of Communications Design moved into the building with other UB divisions in early 2009. Read more here.

L-R: Erin Fiaschetti, secretary; Chic Dambach, founding chair; Bunky Markert, treasurer; Jon Shorr, executive director, School of Communications Design; and Gregg Wilhelm, executive director, CityLit Project.
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